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Circular Economy & Sustainability

10 - hour online certificate course

Systems | Thinking | Design

6th - 17th July, 2020

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Leaders around the world are keenly looking at sustainable solutions to solve modern day social, economic and ecological problems. The “Linear Economy” model no more seems to work and a “Circular Economy” seems to be the only way to manage resources and make them available for all in a sustained manner. The COVID pandemic has also brought out lessons with unexpected speed.
Nations are looking at local and sustainable solutions now more than ever. This 10 hrs certificate course will provide a glimpse of the various dimensions of circular economy.



View the Report of the past program in Sweden


- Guest lecture sessions by International Experts

- Circular Economy Models from around the globe

- Implemention strategies through Case studies


Dates: July 6th - 17th, 2020
Duration: 10 Working Days
Timing: 6PM - 7PM (Indian Standard Time)
1 hour each day (Mon - Fri)
July 11 and 12 (Sat, Sun) will be allotted for reading and assignments
Session Recordings: Session Recordings will be available for registered users for a limited period of time.

Expert Session

Transformative Ecological Economics: A Dialogue beteen the East and the West

- by Dr. Ove Jakobsen
Dr. Ove Jakobsen is a Professor of Ecological Economics at Bodø Graduate School of Business, Nord University, Norway.
He is co-founder and leader of the Centre for Ecological Economics and Ethics

The Course

Topics covered include

- Historical Perspective of the current Development models - Planetary Resources and Boundaries
- Moving from a linear model to a circular model
- Ecological Economics
- Circularity for Sustainability and towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals
- Regenerative systems
- Re-imagining Waste and Waste Management Systems
- Designing Cities and Food systems based on CE Principles
- Application of CE principles in the Indian Context.

Learning Outcomes

This course will teach you the foundational circular economy principles, help you understand sustainable development, circular economy and look at practical implementations through case studies.

The detailed course plan will be shared with registered participants

The course is open to Indian and International Participants.

Who can participate

- College students: Engineering, Sciences, Economics and Social Sciences
- Policy Makers
- Industry Professionals
- Sustainability enthusiasts and experts
- Entrepreneurs
- Government Officials

For Indian Nationals

The course Fee is INR 800.

For International Applicants

The course Fee is USD 15

The payment details will be emailed, upon filling the registration form

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